Rohit Srinivasan

TWITTER: @TrashBotsOrg


Location: Austin, TX


Rohit Srinivasan is the Co-Founder of Trashbots, a tech-startup that creates low-cost science and engineering kits with an artistic twist. The kit enables students to develop problem-solving skills and enhance their creativity by building robots that also utilize found materials in the world around them. He is especially interested in the intersection between education and technology, a passion that he developed from 4 years of leading STEM education at children’s homes operated by the Miracle Foundation in South Asia. Rohit also leads the fundraising and budgeting team for TEDxYouth@Austin – one of the largest TEDx youth organizations in the world. He is also project manager at Chap Research, where he has published 2 research papers related to 3D printing at the Solid Free Form Symposium. Rohit also enjoys world politics and traveling. He is a rising senior at Westlake High School in Austin, Texas.