Kyle Myers

TWITTER: @kyleteach123


Sometimes Kyle thinks if he wasn’t a teacher he’d be a handsome billionaire, but then the alarm goes off. He taught in a 1 to 1 iPad classroom and had the awesome job of being a Cotsen Mentor Teacher at Valencia Park Elementary School in Fullerton, CA. Prior to 2010 Kyle was not your typical “tech guy”.  He actually never even owned, held, or touched an iPhone, iPod, or iPad. Kyle made the transformation from “drama geek” to “tech nerd” recently.  He still maintains his drama geekness in his new position as “Talent TOSA” working in the VAPA and GATE departments and his tech nerdiness by trying to stay on the wave of innovation.  Kyle has presented at local and nation conferences.  Be ready for a fast paced, fun, and high-energy presentations and of course Trivia Breaks! “If I Can Do It, You Can Do It!”