Dean & Martha Shareski

Martha recently graduated from grade 12 in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. Her love of the arts, in particular, music and drama, had her star in several leading roles in several high school musical productions. Women’s’ rights have become a strong passion that is teaching her much about injustice and the world in general. As she explores what the next chapter of her life will bring, she wants to travel and continue to create beauty and meaning through the arts.”

Dean is the Community Manager for Discovery Education and excited to have a job that is about connecting people. He’s been connecting online for over a decade and offline my entire life. He’s been privileged to travel and speak to many wonderful people around the world. His blog has been the primary way he’s shared my learning and continue to explore the affordances of technology for learning and living.

Martha Shareski is a recent high school graduate passionate about travel, the arts and women’s rights. Dean is her proud father who speaks about learning, technology, and joy. They’ve been teaching and learning from each other for almost 19 years. One of them really likes musicals, the other not so much. You guess who.